The Times, Scottish edition at least, had a piece in it this week about a young Scottish cricketer, Ollie Davidson, who first played for his father’s club Stirling County — well, for its third — when he was only eight. Now, aged seventeen, he is in the Scotland squad about to play four ODIs against the USA and the United Arab Emirates in, of all places, Texas. Cricket in Texas. Well, that’s global cricket today.

There are people who think cricket of little account in Scotland. At least one ignorant SNP politician has denounced it as “an English game”. Well, cricket everywhere stems from England, but its roots in Scotland are deep. My local club, Selkirk, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this summer. Selkirk is better known for rugby players, such as John Rutherford — that sublime fly-half — Iain Paxton and Iwan Tukalo, all having been Grand Slam winners for Scotland in either 1984 or 1990. But the rugby club is more than thirty years younger than the cricket one.