Cuba is short of a president. Now that the human health and economic catastrophe in Venezuela means it cannot be mentioned, the British far left’s favourite regime after Russia and Syria has begun choosing a successor to Raul Castro. By a miracle of Communist social mobility, Raul succeeded his hood of a brother as Cuban supreme leader. Raul served five terms as president. That’s a pretty good electoral record…

The Chicago Tribune reports:

“As in Cuba’s legislative elections, all of the leaders being voted in on Wednesday are selected by a government-appointed commission. Ballots offer only the option of approving or disapproving the official candidate. Candidates generally receive more than 90 percent of the votes in their favor. The National Assembly in the past has generally met and selected the president in one day. Its votes are nearly always unanimous and seen as reflecting the will of the country’s top leadership.”

Next time you see a twit wearing a Castro t-shirt, remind them of those details of the Cuban system of elections.

Here’s another quick and practical idea, following Jeremy Corbyn’s appalling performance in recent days on anti-semitism in Labour and his failure to hit home against May on the Windrush scandal.

Shouldn’t Labour send the Cuban regime Corbyn? They would be perfect for each other. He would love the job.