Dominic Cummings says Tories should organise to prevent Boris Johnson raising taxes, as he plans to fund social care.

On his blog, the ex-spad-in-chief speculates that the row with the Prime Minister and the Chancellor Rishi Sunak could lead to the government’s downfall. “The Tory party will own everything that goes wrong with social care for years to come.”

Cummings questions why such a proposal is being put on the table when the government is choosing “to spend £35 billion just this Parliament on HS2”. He brands the manifesto-busting commitment as a Boris Johnson’s “read my lips: no new taxes” moment, adding: “This blunder, if it happens will be the source of recrimination for years.” He calls on Tory backbenchers to lobby the Chief Whip, Mark Spencer, against such reforms.

The real meat, however, is served in the second half, as he slams Bojo’s leadership. He writes: “The more he talks about ‘levelling up’ the more he reminds everyone his slogan is as empty as ‘Global Britain’, another rubbish slogan.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Cummings diatribe without a mention of the PM’s wife Carrie ‘Antoinette’ Johnson. “Plots become self-fulfilling when you so obviously behave selfishly, have no plan, have no grip, lie to everyone, and let your girlfriend interfere with government and whisper audibly in your ear while you’re talking to colleagues.”

The ending may be the most damning indictment of the attacks so far, given the closeness of their previous relationship during and after the EU referendum:

“The only point and justification for ‘Johnson as PM’ was to serve as a spokesman for Vote Leave. We had a plan to get Brexit done and the constitutional crisis out of the way, consign Corbyn to history, rewire the state and the Conservative Party, destroy the Labour Party and fundamentally change the condition of the country — and a team, formal and informal, to do it. He has none of these. He’s there for himself. That’s it. You know this.”