Serenbloodydippitydoodah! Wexford 2021 has been confirmed. It’s time for some post-Covid normality in the Irish seaside town (albeit with a bit of social distancing thrown in).

Forget Boris’ “hugging with caution” from the 17th of May. Where would his risqué reputation stand if he had hugged everyone he met “with caution”? Will Boris avoid hugging his nearest and dearest on the 16th? Is Carrie Symonds planning to leave the country on the 17th? What is the Cabinet meeting protocol on hugging? Restraint is hardly Boris’ strong suit, and second-tier handshaking is for wimps. Even in his most blubbing moments, Boris’ idol, Winston Churchill, never stopped telling us to hug anyone. He couldn’t even bring himself to carve a Sunday goose that roamed the Chartwell grounds.

As I was listening to BBC Radio 3 – avoiding the strangest Prime Ministerial press debacle in living memory – the show’s venerable presenter, Donald Macleod, broke into his Composer of the Week script to tell us the Wexford 2021 Festival had been confirmed for the October 19th – 31st. But, don’t book yet, not until I’ve bagged my tickets first.