Dangerous loser: the supreme narcissism of Donald J. Trump

BY Robert Fox | tweet robfox45   /  8 January 2021

In the last gasp of his presidency, Donald Trump is giving a display of narcissism, extreme even by his normal narcissistic levels of behaviour.

Narcissism is the key to his private and public persona,  and has been so since childhood. But now , in a moment of widely acknowledged defeat, it becomes particularly dangerous. More dangerous than ever, according to Dr Anthony Fry, one of Britain’s most acclaimed psychiatrists in public and private practice.

“He is very dangerous now because he is so extremely unpredictable and prone to violence,” Fry told me today. Back in the summer we had a long conversation about narcissistic personalities in politics. Fry explained the narcissistic personality emerges early in a child’s development, when he or she moves from dependency on the mother to a balanced relationship with a social group, particularly  peers in adolescence.


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