Daniel Humm’s Davies and Brook – Mayfair haute cuisine of the highest standard

BY Bruce Palling   /  11 January 2020

In 2014, Claridge’s spent considerable time and money before selecting Simon Rogan to open Fera as their flagship restaurant. A special committee was formed, including outside specialists, which spent six months coming up with various options around the globe, before settling on Simon. He was replacing another signature chef, Gordon Ramsay. It didn’t work. Unfortunately, despite (or perhaps, because of…) Simon’s superb foraged food on offer, it only lasted three years before the search was on for yet another high-profile replacement. Although I thought it superb whenever Simon was in the kitchen, it really wasn’t what Claridge customers ate elsewhere. Still, you can’t blame them for trying, as while high end restaurants are known for their signature dishes, more and more high end hotels are judged by their signature restaurants.


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