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Daryl Hall – Favourite Things

American rock and soul icon Daryl Hall from the hit duo Hall & Oates shares his five favourite things

BY Alice Crossley | tweet AliceCrossley2   /  20 February 2021

Each week Reaction Weekend brings you Favourite Things – interviews with interesting people about the skills, hobbies, pleasures and past times that make them who they are.

Daryl Hall is an American rock, R&B and soul singer and musician, best known from the Philadelphia pop duo Hall & Oates. Hall & Oates have recently celebrated one billion worldwide streams on their 1980 hit You Make My Dreams. A long-lasting favourite, the song was also the UK’s most-streamed song from of all the records released in 1980, in 2018. You Make My Dreams has also appeared in Hollywood blockbusters such as 500 Days of Summer, The Wedding Singerand Dumb & Dumberer. Since 2007, Hall has hosted the web television series Live from Daryl’s House.

These are a few of his favourite things…

Travelling the world performing

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been travelling the world and it is my favourite thing to do. Being in this situation I have never been in before, sitting in one place looking out of the same window for almost a year, I am appreciating that more than ever. I know there is nothing unique about this and the situation is the same for everyone else, but I never realised how much I live for being out in the world. I feel very different when I’m on stage. It is sort of like a bird singing; I am sure a bird feels very good when it is singing full throat, it is the same for me on stage. It’s a transcendental, almost religious experience. And physically it feels so good. In that way, I guess you’d call it an obsession, or an addiction, or a combination of both.


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