In every election inflicted on us in recent times, a member of the public, pounced upon by reporters at random, has said something so incisive they’re memorialised in meme and so condemned to repeat themselves again and again – like the holograms that are being deliberately created of famous people so they can speak of what they lived through long after they are dead.

In 2017, it was Brenda from Bristol, who was told Theresa May had called another election and cried: “You’re joking! Not another one!” Adding: “Oh for god’s sake, I can’t stand this, there is too much politics going on.” Then “go away” when journalists from the Daily Mail turned up at her house and asked her to expand.

This time round it’s 86-year-old Molly from Hampshire who condensed the nation’s view: “I know who I’m not voting for,” she said, when asked who she was voting for. She can’t stand “the red man” because “he doesn’t like the Jewish people and I don’t agree with that.” But neither can she “bear the buffoon. I call him a buffoon, and anybody who doesn’t know he needs longer shirts is an idiot.”