It was as I sat in an aircraft at Heathrow, en route to New York, that I was asked to give Reaction’s readers a Northern Ireland perspective on Brexit. It was tempting, and as Wilde once said, the only way to deal with temptation is to yield to it. But then reality intruded. It’s still not easy to file from 40,000 feet, and the fact of the matter was that I had heard little or nothing from the DUP, or anybody else for that matter, before catching the ruinously expensive Heathrow Express.

Instead, I watched the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout, which, for reasons that were not clear, opened with Ethan Hunt, the Tom Cruise character, receiving his latest call to arms – should he choose to accept it – from a safehouse in … Belfast.

Two days later, I find myself in America viewing Britain’s difficulties from, as it were, the wrong end of the telescope.