With her voice cracking, Theresa May said it had been an honour to serve the country she loves. Her resignation speech today was the cue for the rotters (raises hand slowly) to feel guilty about writing for almost two years that she must go. Give her some credit, surely. She stuck at it and she did her best. Who could have done better? (Picks up phone book and chooses a name at random.)

I’m a sucker for a Prime Ministerial resignation. I’m such an old softie that I even felt a pang of sympathy watching the departure of Gordon Brown – the power-mad architect of poor banking regulation and the proponent of the deranged concept of the end of boom and bust that then went bang with such horrible results for the nation.

And I felt that wave of sympathy again today seeing May admit that her time is up. Many people will have felt it. What a horrible, but endlessly surprising and human, business politics is.