Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s former adviser turned Twitter firebrand, appears to have “defected” from Rishi Sunak’s camp, after the leadership hopeful revealed in a newspaper report the anti-lockdown action he took during the Covid pandemic. 

In typical Dom fashion, the former spin-doctor to Boris Johnson didn’t hold back. “The Sunak interview is dangerous rubbish,” Cummings wrote on Twitter, “reads like a man whose epicly bad campaign has melted his brain & he’s about to quit politics.” What’s so interesting about Cummings’ latest barbs, is that he was said at one-time to be such a big fan of Sunak, helping him into No 11 after No 10 clashed with the then Chancellor, Sajid Javid. He’s clearly a hard man to please. 

Cummings had previously blasted Sunak’s rival, Liz Truss, saying he had nicknamed her the “human hand grenade,” and describing her as a “truly useless Remainer.”

It would appear now though, that the (ex)Sunak-supporting self-styled Svengali has backed the wrong horse, and has simply been looking for an opportunity to jump ship.

Sunak’s interview with the Spectator, which has ruffled Dom’s feather’s so, saw Sunak paint himself as the sole defender of Britain’s economy, even as any lockdown naysaying was silenced in a “see-no-evil policy.”

“Surely we can all agree that kids not being in school is a major nightmare,” the former chancellor claims to have said in one meeting. “I was so furious,” he added.

Given the state of Britain’s economy, and the impending leadership election, it seems difficult not to see this as a distancing manoeuvre on Sunak’s part, absolving himself from blame for our woes.

Surprisingly enough, Cummings’ two cents is that the interview “pins blame *unfairly* on [Boris Johnson] & others.” Might we be about to see Dom and his former boss kiss and make up? Don’t count on it.