Twitter has its detractors. It’s far easy to spend too much time on it (raises hand guiltily) especially if writing about politics or doing politics is your job. The internet, according to the new cover of Time magazine, has been destroyed by trolls, and reading those trolls on Twitter is destroying the rest of us, apparently. More positively, Twitter can be a great source of amusement, cat videos and pictures of your friends on holiday. And in the right hands it can be a terrific outlet for instant, pithy analysis of current affairs. In that spirit I encourage you to have a read of the latest string of tweets by Conservative strategist Matt Mackowiak, who is based in Austin, Texas. He has crafted a magnigicent analysis of the rise of Trump. Historians will ask for decades how the party of Lincoln and Reagan allowed itself to be hijacked by the golf-obsessed poltroon and trainee demagogue Trump. Those historians could do worse than starting with Mackowiak’s series of tweets: