They say the course of true love never did run smooth but chuck in a worldwide pandemic, three lockdowns, a range of restrictions, and it’s been about as smooth a ride as a sandpaper rollercoaster. The coronavirus outbreak has meant cupid’s arrow has had to point itself in all sorts of different directions, from zoom drinks to socially distant strolls. It has been a challenging year for daters, and one thing is for sure, some will hold “Valentine’s Day” tomorrow in extra-contempt. So, to those of you who are single, broken-hearted or purely see Valentine’s Day as a capitalist extravaganza, why not celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day on the 13th and 15th of February instead?

Anti-Valentine celebrations started back in the Victorian era and the early 20th century with a “vinegar valentine”. A “vinegar valentine” or “comic valentine” were commercially-bought postcards sold both in the US and the UK – February 14th marked a day where unlucky victims would receive these vinegar valentines from anonymous enemies. The postcards featured both an illustration and a short line or poem, poking fun at a recipient’s looks, intelligence, reputation or poverty. They would range from a light tease; “I’m not attracted by your glitter”, to plain harsh; “everyone thinks you an ignorant lout.” The cards were dispatched anonymously, where the receiver had to guess then who hated him or her.

One vinegar valentine titled “Old Maid,” said the following: