Forget Hartlepool, with its 16 per cent swing from Labour, embedded there since Neolithic times, to a governing party; or Tory Ben Houchen, re-elected as mayor of Tees Valley with 73 per cent of the vote; forget, in fact, the Conservatives taking so May English council seats. If you want to see electoral history spectacularly made, look at the seismic result in Scotland.

The SNP went into the election as a minority government with 63 Holyrood seats; now it has emerged triumphantly, as a minority government with 64 seats. No wonder Nicola Sturgeon is doing her version of Margaret Thatcher’s “Rejoice! Rejoice!” It is not every day you see an election result as sensational as that. It must be obvious to the meanest intelligence that this transforms the whole constitutional situation and makes a second independence referendum inevitable.