The received wisdom is that Boris Johnson is a Southern, Eton posh boy who will have limited appeal in the North of England. It is widely believed, mostly among remainers who already despise Johnson, that his cross-party appeal and popularity had been terminally diminished by his leading role in the Vote Leave campaign.

This belief is likely exaggerated by people who want it to be true. A recent survey in Workington, a constituency in the North West of England, that shows the voters in that constituency set to vote in a Tory MP certainly suggests so.

The Cumbrian town has come under the spotlight because it typifies the type of seat the Tories need to win if they are to make up for what look like inevitable losses in Scotland, London and Remain supporting parts of the South. A potential win in Workington suggests that Boris could well succeed where Theresa May failed and make serious inroads into Labour heartlands. He will do this with a mix of classic old Labour policies – spending promises on the NHS, schools and the police – along with his commitment to ‘get Brexit done’, underpinned by his “oven ready” Withdrawal Agreement.