Nadine Dorries will not let sleeping dogs lie. Just days after her resignation invective against Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, she is working on her vicious, tell-all book in the pipeline.

There is so much to pack into it – it’s called The Plot – that publisher Harper Collins has delayed publication. Rather than coming out on 28 September, on the eve of the Tory conference, it will now appear on 9 November. 

The former MP for Mid Bedfordshire had stalled for 81 days after announcing her resignation with “immediate effect” in the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s resignation as MP and after finding out that her name had been struck from Johnson’s outgoing honours list. 

Back in June, she attacked “posh boys” Rishi and his advisor, the Spectator‘s former political editor James Forsyth, as having “cruelly” deprived a working-class lass from Liverpool from receiving the due credit for her life’s work in the service of a (checks notes) grateful nation. 

Her rage shows no sign of abating. After bashing Sunak’s government in her resignation letter and interviews the following weekend, it seems the book will bang on in this fashion with a scathing attack on Tory failures and anti-democratic practices at the heart of government. She’ll name names, targeting Tory advisers in the shadows who she says ran a dastardly plot against Boris and her, and who have been controlling things for absolutely ages, apparently.

The book sounds like the perfect Christmas stocking filler.

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