After years of carefully cultivating an image, it has emerged recently that the sun does not, in-fact, shine out of haloed Justin Trudeau’s backside. The liberal Boy Wonder’s reputation has taken quite the battering over the last year – that’s why we see so much of that well-practised face he pulls where his famous big blue eyes look like they’re about to well up. Boo-hoo.

Oh, I know, we’re supposed to be all sad about his downfall. It’s like watching a cute but half-witted puppy get a kicking for getting into the bin bags again, but the exposure of insincerity is a beautiful thing. I’ve had my fill of Trudeau and his tediously phoney photo-opps. Trudea hugs a panda, Trudeau is down with the youth, Trudeau poses with his hands in a heart against a pink backdrop. Ugh.