I am ashamed to confess that in my four years at St. Andrews university I pretty much snubbed nearby Dundee. I think I went about three times in total, and I can’t blame that on my impoverished student status – there was a free daily shuttle bus available.

There just didn’t seem to be that much to attract to us to Scotland’s 4th biggest city. Yes, the pubs were decent, the RRS Discovery (Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic exploration vessel) was definitely worth a visit; and, in those days, there was a student gate at Tannadyce where you could see actually pretty decent football (this was the Jim McLean era) for a pound!

But that was about it. “Jute city” lacked glamour, excitement, attractions.

After leaving St. Andrews I didn’t give Dundee a second thought until around 5 years ago, when I was abruptly summoned to the British Council in Tokyo (where I now live), to conduct a language test with Eiji Kawashima, the Japanese national team goalkeeper, a necessary requirement for his working visa to the UK, where he planned to join Dundee United in their relegation battle.