Sixteen year-old Alice loves three things in this world: roast potatoes, fit Jamie from Maths, and her iPhone. Two of these three combine in a stark examination of the toxic interrelationship between sex, bodies and technology in Amy Blakelock’s bold new play Easy, performed at the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell.

While watching the narrative of Alice, exquisitely performed by Robyn Wilson, one feels a sense of impending doom and predictability. It feels all too obvious that this naïve and hapless lover of roast potatoes is about to be sexually taken advantage of, and for a moment this sensation seems to pull the narrative, making it drag – until it becomes clear that this is precisely the point. The fact that it is so predictable that Alice will be made a mockery of in her quest to lose her virginity highlights the brutally ugly parameters which have been established around the sexuality of women in particular and humanity in general.