It is impossible not to be profoundly moved by courage and sacrifice in a noble cause. The bravery of the Ukrainian people, soldiers and civilians, is awe-inspiring. Leaving aside the battlefield, gruesome enough, none of us want to think about conditions in Mariupol and other cities. Horror has been piled on horror.

So it would seem justified to summarise the Ukraine conflict as a struggle between good and evil. Such a ringing declaration, such a powerful expression of moral clarity, will make many people feel better. But apart from those directly involved in bringing help to the Ukraine, no-one is entitled to feel better. That could become dangerously close to self-indulgence. This is not about feeling good. It is about doing good. How can we bring the sufferings of the Ukrainians to an end on acceptable terms? Those who think that there is an easy answer to that question are allowing their hearts to rule their heads.