It feels like déjà vu all over again.

The UK has today signed a deal to purchase 40 million additional vaccine doses from Valneva, on top of the 60 million already secured. They will be manufactured in Scotland.

But Speaking to the Today Programme this morning, David Lawrence, Chief Financial Officer of Valneva, revealed that the EU is yet to even sign a letter of intent:

“We have not yet had an order from the EU. We signed our first letter of intent with the UK government last July, and then we signed the supply partnership and clinical development partnership with them in September, but as of yet we haven’t signed anything with the EU.”

To make matters worse, Valneva is a French firm. How could the EU have been so slow to make a deal with a manufacturer on home soil?

Lawrence suggested that if the EU expects to receive vaccines at the same time as the UK, the bloc must order at the same time:

“Of course, it comes down to slots. In turn, we have got suppliers, and this is why it’s important that the UK has exercised its option now, so we have got to book slots with suppliers who are giving us key components for the vaccine. The same will be true of other vaccines; the supply process isn’t something you can switch on and switch off over a couple of weeks.”

Vanelva seems to be yet another case where Brussels has failed to deliver. The revelation will heap more embarrassment on an already beleaguered Commission. When it rains it pours. C’est la vie.