Emmanuel Macron knows how to get himself into a clever photoshoot. Earlier this week, the French President was caught on film enjoying an early-morning espresso with his Prime Minister, Jean Castex, on the terrace of a café near to the presidential Elysée Palace.

Supposedly, it was an off the cuff visit to celebrate the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Somehow, though, the TV reporters found out where France’s heads of state were hiding out, and managed to interview the President through the lattice woodwork around the terrace.

Macron told them he was there with the PM for a “little moment of recovered freedom”, adding that he was joyful that France’s Covid figures were coming down fast, with falls in daily cases, hospitalisations and deaths. Later the President wrote on Twitter: ”Here we go! Terraces, museums, cinemas, theatres… Let’s re-discover the things that make up the art of living.”