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The Tory party has simply evolved in order to survive

BY David Waywell | tweet @DavidWaywell   /  4 September 2019

In the cold light of day, the overwhelming feeling should perhaps be one of relief on all sides.

Something was always going to break the parties in this parliament because of the way a brutish referendum was foolishly dropped into a representative democracy.

What was odd, of course, is the manner of the fracturing. The Eurosceptic tail has been wagging the rump of the Tory Party for decades and it was only a matter of time when that overworked joint would reach its point of critical fatigue. What happened yesterday could have been predicted years ago. The only surprise was in watching the tail detach itself in order to throw away the rest of the dog. Could anybody have predicted the Eurosceptics taking the high ground and Ken Clarke and Nicholas Soames cast out into empty centrist foothills?


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