Kamala Harris last night passed the Rachel Maddow test. Many readers will not have a clue what I’m talking about. Kamala Harris (54), the Democrat California senator who has been at Washington’s Capitol for two minutes – sorry, years! – is running for President of the USA.

Rachel Maddow is the liberal #metoo interviewer of choice who hosts her own nightly 9:00pm programme on MSNBC television. I haven’t seen anything so unashamedly politically biased since I last watched Fox News.

The Maddow show is a phenomenon. No self-announced candidate worth his/her/its salt is now taken seriously by Democrat liberals until he/she/it has passed the Maddow initiation test. Ms. Maddow would be very good if she chose to ask tough questions. She throws softies instead, but with a clipped, rapid-fire delivery that can be mistaken for intellectual rigour. Last night she sang Kamala Harris’s praises, cooing “She has a good chance of winning in 2020” after some pat a cake exchanges.