The new Jacques Audiard movie is called The Sisters Brothers and whatever machismo the eponymous brothers might lose sharing a name more commonly associated with siblings of the female persuasion, they make up for with their fists, and more often than not, their pistols. For Charlie (Joaquin Phoenix) and Eli Sisters (John C. Reilly), the aforementioned Sisters/brothers, are quick-drawing, gun-slinging assassins with reputations as deadly as their six-shooters.

But when it comes to being notorious assassins in the Old West the trouble has as much to do with who’s behind you as it does who’s in front of you. The trouble doesn’t stop when you kill a man, Eli tells a receptive interlocutor in a not uncommonly retrospective mood three quarters of the way in, brothers and fathers and sons soon come after you hungry for revenge.

Despite the jeopardy one can imagine caused by the brothers’ death count, which you’ll be pleased to hear rises blood-quenchingly high during the course of the film, the Sisters brothers