Fintan O’Toole has inspired a dangerous new wave of anti-Britishness in Ireland

BY Eilis O'Hanlon   /  28 January 2019

Trying to understand Brexit through the jaundiced eyes of Irish commentator Fintan O’Toole is rather like asking Nigel Farage to outline all the wonderful benefits of the EU.

That he’s every bit as zealous in his ideological opposition to Brexit as those he denounces are for it to proceed at full pace hasn’t, of course, stopped O’Toole, assistant editor at the Irish Times in his day job, from becoming the Guardian’s de facto Brexit-explainer-in-chief.

He even got a book deal out of it. In Heroic Failure: Brexit And The Politics Of Pain, O’Toole stretches his loathing of Brexiteers out to over 200 pages by coming up with a series of outre analogies for Britain’s exit from the EU involving sado-masochism and Fifty Shades Of Grey.


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