1. Venezuela’s economy is so bad, parents are leaving their children at orphanages, reports the Washington Post. This is the economy and society that was hailed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post 

2. Peak AC Grayling. I assumed the anti-Brexit Professor was a spoof, dreamed up by devious Leave campaigners playing a joke on Alastair Campbell. But no, Grayling is real, it seems. Today he tweeted: “Coming so late to this game – stable doors etc – smacks of an effort to distract from home news. A sunk frigate would eclipse EU talks nicely. “Britain to sail warship through disputed South China Sea.” That’s right, the MoD is trying to get a frigate sunk to distract from the row over the length of the Brexit transition period.

3. People boycotting Peter Rabbit “should probably avoid Watership Down.” The Daily Mash. 

4. There may be trouble ahead… Anonymous ‘whistleblower’ claims ‘rampant manipulation’ of Vix index. Chloe Cornish, Financial Times.

5. You Left the Water Running. By Otis Redding. Written by Dan Penn, Rick Hall and Oscar Franks. I had no idea of the story of this quirky recording until last night, when it was played by Paul Jones on the Radio 2 tribute to Rick Hall, the masterful producer and brains behind FAME studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Hall died in January this year. In July 1966 You Left the Water Running was destined for Wilson Pickett’s next session, but Rick Hall wanted a quick demo made  to show Wilson the way. Otis Redding was in the studio that day and agreed to do it. Imagine that. The great Otis Redding casually recording a demo for the great Wilson Pickett. The demo is rough around the edges, but better for it as the musical vibe is so relaxed and life-affirming.