Five Things

Five Things – 16th January 2018

BY Alastair Benn | afbenn95   /  16 January 2018

Here are five things we loved at Reaction today.  In particular, Hugo Rifkind’s appreciation of the bathetic character of the ‘Friends’ controversy is worth a read …

  1. You’d have to be a prig to find Friends offensiveHugo Rifkind, The Times
  2. An Ancient Greek idea could foil Brexit’s democratic tragedyNicholas Gruen, The Guardian
  3. UKIP no longer has a reason to exist as a party and should dissolve itselfWilliam Hague, The Telegraph
  4. The economics of fish and chipsSteerpike, The Spectator
  5. John Stuart Mill showed democracy as a way of lifeDavid Brooks, The New York Times