Five Things

Five things – 5th February 2018

BY Iain Martin | iainmartin1   /  5 February 2018

1. In defence of health and safety. Eight things about life in Britain that have got better since the 1970s (no mention of Brexit.) Fascinating study by the BBC. Workplace deaths are down. Infant mortality too. And drownings. And smog. I said smog, not Rees-Mogg. – BBC News 

2. Hang the DJ. The case against black tie, put magnificently by Robert Shrimsley – The Financial Times 

3. Berlin dominates the EU. Denying that is a form of national self-delusion. Spot on by Dominic Lawson, in The Sunday Times.

4. This is why Uma Thurman is angry  The New York Times

5. Is Iceland the world’s most musical country? Terrific documentary presented by Tom Stevens on Radio 3.