Five things patronising second referendum crowd need to ditch

BY Alastair Benn | tweet alastair_benn   /  14 December 2018

Cleanse ‘People’s Vote’ from the Remainer lexicon.

Brian Cox, occasional panel member of the BBC’s Question Time programme and actor, said in a video, produced for the People’s Vote campaign and hysterically promoted on Twitter with this tagline “WATCH: Legendary actor Brian Cox on why we need to be ready to fight for a #PeoplesVote”, that the deal should be voted on “by the people, for the people”.

“By the people, for the people” is a phrase lifted from a speech by Abraham Lincoln, which is not entirely unsurprising when you find out that Cox lives happily enough in New York.

But there’s a serious point to be made. “By the people, for the people”, a mangling of the political lexicon taken straight out of Abraham Lincoln Wikiquotes


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