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Free subscription to Reaction for students

BY Iain Martin | iainmartin1   /  13 September 2018

Term time is about to begin at Britain’s universities. Dusting down their copies of Das Kapital and preparing to go on marches against the capitalist oppressor are the resurgent campus Marxists. And that’s just the lecturers. Meanwhile, any stray students of a conservative or classical liberal disposition are keeping their heads down.

That’s a caricature, for effect, but you take my point I hope. The intolerant far left is back and in the angry, hot house of social media it is determined to shout down anyone pro-market, or classically liberal.

That’s one reason – the need to give young readers access to market-friendly ideas and good writing – that we offer FREE subscriptions to Reaction for students. Reaction provides daily commentary on politics, economics and culture – along with my weekly newsletter.

Another reason we offer free subs (that usually cost £48 per year) to the young is that getting a good education or getting started in employment is already an expensive business

Simply email us here to get a free subscription.

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Whisper it, you don’t even have to be a student at a university to qualify. School students and anyone under 21 can ask us for a free subscription to Reaction.