Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and the British annoying the French, as was seen with the the Aukus submarine pact. Step forward the Daily Telegraph, which has prompted something of un scandale after reporting that France’s seat on the United Nation’s Security Council could be “put on the table” if Brussels fulfil President Emmanuel Macron’s wish of a European Armée impériale.

Predictably, the news went down like tripe among Élysée officials who tweeted a swift rebuttal to the Telegraph story, saying France’s position on the UN council “belongs to France and will stay that way”. Even Sandro Gozi, a member of Macron’s party in the European Parliament and a Telegraph source, lamented the article as “extreme manipulation”.

The most amusing part of the French rebuttal was when the officials branded the broadsheet as an “English tabloid”. A bit harsh, perhaps. Then again, this does come from a publication whose Sunday supplement, Stella Magazine, includes articles such as ‘Why I’ve vowed to only date younger men’.