Next time you are out on your bicycle and a Lycra-wearing Superman pulls up next to you at the lights, try this.

“Hm,” you say, quietly sizing up his bike. “That’s an Eagle 4000, isn’t it?” At this, your neighbour’s space-age head notices you for the first time.

“Yeah,” it grunts, oblivious to the fact you’ve lifted the information from where it’s printed on the frame. You take his confirmation as an invitation to inspect the machine a little most closely.

“Interesting choice,” you say ambiguously. “I suppose Eagle have finally dealt with the old lateral torsion issue?”

“What?” says the head, leaning forwards.

“Oh, nothing really,” you say reassuringly. “Just that with the wrong body geometry, it can play havoc with your synovial joint. Happened to a friend. Never raced again!”