In a shocking move of journalistic innovation, GB News is set to introduce news bulletins into its television schedule.

This is a welcome development for the channel, which has been dominated by presenters having long three-hour slots with little mention of the day’s immediate headlines or breaking news.

It’s what Reaction recommended: just over a week ago, we published a video stating the five things GB News should do next. Introducing news bulletins was suggestion number two, and rumour has it the other tips are also to be trialled. Shorter slots for presenters, and a broader focus than “wokery”. You’re welcome, GB News – we assume our consultancy fee is in the post.

But if a news channel has just decided to introduce news bulletins, one wonders what other radical innovations could reach the industry. Newspapers could try conveying the stories of the day on a thin, portable wood-pulp medium? Perhaps reporters could describe and add context to the events they witness? And maybe governments could try governing? No, that last one’s far too revolutionary…