General Election 2019

General Election 2019: Donald Trump dominates the day

BY Jack Dickens | tweet jackfdickens   /  3 December 2019

The Prospect of President Donald Trump being in town has worried Tory strategists for weeks. Now he is here, and the Prime Minister will be hoping to dodge any public controversies, while conducting some important diplomacy behind the scenes. In the public eye, Johnson will want “the Special Relationship” not to look so special as to leave a negative association in the minds of voters in the last week of the election.

Aside from the presence of Trump, a certain calm returned to  the campaign trail today. The heated debates surrounding the aftermath of the London Bridge Terror attack on Friday have not gone away, but they have subsided somewhat compared to yesterday. Instead, President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK for a NATO summit in Watford has drawn all the attention, with both Labour and the Conservatives seeking to use his presence in ways favourable to their cause.


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