In the last forty eight hours of the election campaign, a ballot box blitzkrieg has begun. All parties are now using their data analysis and processing to bring an arsenal of last minute political adverts and promotions to bear upon those they have identified as potential voters. The siege of social media stunts has intensified, as the parties engage in a last minute scramble to mobilise their support and stymie the march of their opponents.

At CCHQ, it seems that the online blitz  is following a similar pattern to the successful 2016 Leave campaign in the final weeks and days of the EU referendum contest. The logic behind it is simple: if voters believe that the Conservatives have this election in the bag, then there is a chance that those who would have otherwise voted Tory will not turn out. This is one of the factors which his believed to have contributed to Theresa May’s failure to win a majority in 2017.