Another day, another splash in the Evening Standard and accompanying tweet from editor George Osborne which takes the side of the European Union against Britain.

“Our second edition @EveningStandard as No10 appeals to other European governments to help in our Brexit negotiations…”

The headline talks of May sending out an SOS to EU national leaders, a completely twisted interpretation. Everything, absolutely everything, Osborne does or says in the Standard is concocted to put the EU in the best possible light and to put the worst possible interpretation on Britain’s position. It is complete mono-mania from the architect of Project Fear, which backfired and helped deliver the result for Leave. For which, many thanks BTW.

My question is simple. Why is he taking this line every day? I get that Osborne is enjoying being a newspaper editor – although there is a lot more to it than politics, and I would have thought he might devote more time to solving the looming crisis for free newspapers, which rests on it becoming difficult to get people to pick up free print, with an obvious impact on display advertising. Look at the piles remaining at stations every evening. Why? Mobile phones. Consumers find news there via social media or apps, where they pay for quality.

So, what is it then? Osborne cannot be so full of hatred of Theresa May for ending his political career that he takes the side of the EU against the UK? That would be very strange.