At the Edinburgh Television festival about 20 years ago, I remember Sharon Sandberg pointing out that digitalization was moving so fast that it would soon be possible to have all the music ever recorded on a device the size of a cigarette packet.

It’s not just Mozart and the Beatles; microphones and cameras are now so omnipresent that it is almost impossible to escape finding yourself being recorded when you have no intention of going on the record.

“Hot mike moments” are all but unavoidable for politicians and broadcast journalists. I’ve had my own unfortunate moments, although not this month, when I’ve been away from studios.

Of course, not all gaffes were accidents at the time they were recorded. The past can catch up with you. Liz Truss is currently suffering discomfort from having her on-the-record words played back. If she becomes Prime Minister she’ll have to reach Churchillian heights of rhetoric to eclipse her unconsciously ridiculous “It. Is. A. Disgrace” cheese import speech as her most memorable soundbite.