Gina Miller and Best4Britain consider backing the SNP, a party dedicated to breaking up Britain

BY Iain Martin | iainmartin1   /  29 April 2017

There is a bizarre but revealing story in The Scotsman this weekend. The paper’s Westminster correspondent reports that Gina Miller’s Best4Britain (the rather presumptuously named ultra-remainer organisation) may dole out cash and support to the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is opposed to what she terms a “hurd Toree Brexit” and Best4Britain wants to overturn Brexit, or dilute Brexit, by designing a Brexit that makes it easy for the UK to go back into the EU.

To that end Best4Britain held a launch this week and is locating candidates who agree with its position. The aim is to crowd-fund financial support for anti-Brexit candidates. The SNP fits the bill, according to The Scotsman, and can expect a helping hand in its battle again the resurgent Tories, who are led by Ruth Davidson. She voted to Remain but now thinks (like almost 70% of Britain) that we have to get on with it. In contrast, Best4Britain is getting ready to back the SNP, my old paper The Scotsman says.

Hold on that simply can’t be true, I thought on reading the story. No organisation calling itself Best4Britain would support a political party that thinks the best thing for Britain is to break it up? The SNP is dedicated to breaking up the UK. That’s what it’s for…