Dutch sexual health organisations are planning to teach young people to have a ‘fun, sexy and safe’ summer this year, after over a year of lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

Two new campaigns are running to remind Dutch youths how to flirt, have fun, and enjoy safe sex in preparation for what is expected to be a ‘summer of love’.

The Dutch Sexual Health Foundation is campaigning alongside Rutgers Centre of Expertise on Sexual Health, the latter of which is more focused on not tolerating unwanted sexual behaviour.  

The campaigns include an emphasis on body positivity, alongside advice on consent, and knowing where to ask for help if necessary.

The ‘summer of love’ campaign was launched online by the sexually transmitted infections organisation Soa Aids, the Dutch government, and a local health centre. 

It proposes ‘five steps for a sun and sexy summer’, which includes: ‘come as yourself’, ‘party and flirt’, ‘sex without worries’, ‘have fun together during sex’, and ‘help’. 

But it seems us Brits will just have to watch enviously from across the Channel, as the government is making no such promises of freedom to young people here.

In fact, we have little to look forward to if this summer is to be the same as last year’s, with young people chastised for driving up Covid cases.

The Dutch campaigns have stressed the importance of getting tested and keeping safe. However, their message concluded with ‘it’s clear that STIs are going to go up.’