US Politics

God Bless Middle America

BY Gerald Malone   /  6 February 2019

The 2020 US presidential election likely will be a rerun of the divisive battle between two Americas – “sophisticated” coastal states and the “hick” middle. Liberal media’s usual suspects – the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN – whip themselves into a frenzy over this “divided” America; especially the bit that scorns their ranting, politically correct, relentless anti Trump agenda – the middle, fly-over states.

What they really resent is the growing kickback against their long-assumed intellectual hegemony. Their right to order affairs of state unhindered – pretty much a given since the First World War – was blown out of the water in 2016.

Their bien pensant reasoning is contemptibly simplistic. “Trump is stupid, so the people who elected him are stupid too.” It’s a de haut en bas, dismissive argument, ill calculated to recover support from the people Hillary deemed “deplorables”.

It echoes the UK Remainer trope – that Brexiteers were too stupid to know what they were doing in 2016, in the biggest democratic exercise in UK history. So, let’s keep asking until the dullards get it right.


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