Hu Tongtong grins into the camera lens before tucking into a gargantuan feast. In one sitting, she eats 93 eggs, 200 dumplings, 76 egg tarts, 5kg of hamburgers and 48 lamb kebabs.

Weighing in at 43.5kg, the lithe blogger – also known as “big stomach” – undertakes regular eating challenges online on the broadcaster Weibo, a popular social media platform in China with 500 million users.

The most famous binge-eating blogger is Mimi Zhang, who has over seven million fans on her Weibo page and regularly hits the top trending lists on Chinese social media. Zhang became famous for a 2016 eating challenge in which she consumed 8lb (4kg) of rice in one sitting and she has since become one of China’s most successful “eating broadcasting” hosts, attracting millions of fans worldwide.