Hard not to feel a little pity as doomed May tries for the 400th time

BY Ben Kelly | tweet thescepticisle   /  21 May 2019

“I knew delivering Brexit was not going to be simple or straightforward…it has proven even harder than I anticipated.”

Theresa May opened her latest speech today with a major understatement that summarised her doomed premiership. According to May, MPs have “one last chance” to get Brexit over the line by supporting her ‘new deal’.  It was ominous that before she even finished her speech, Tory MP Simon Clarke declared he would not vote for it.

Within minutes, leading Brexiteers were condemning the deal. Iain Duncan-Smith said, “there’s nothing new or bold about this bad buffet of non-Brexit options.” Similarly, Anne-Marie Trevelyan said, “there’s nothing new or bold about this deal.” While Charlie Elphicke didn’t mince his words: “This is even more of a dog’s breakfast than the last deal.”

The declarations against the deal are coming thick and fast. Jacob Rees-Mogg, Zac Goldsmith and the DUP have all spoken out. It doesn’t stand a chance of passing.


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