In recent years, the power of its name in commercial terms has only been rivalled by its Northern Italian stable mate Pinot Grigio. A wine that has brought affordable and approachable fizz to the masses across Europe is loved by tens of millions.

Due to its relatively sweeter palate, and cheaper method of production that means it is not only for special occasions, Prosecco has become so popular that it challenged the growth of Champagne.

Prosecco’s “glass of giggles” reputation has been so strong that few dared to predict the waning of its popularity.

To put its dominance in some context, nearly a quarter of the total Prosecco production is consumed in the UK, which means that in 2017 there were nearly one hundred and twelve million bottles drunk. In Britain for every one bottle of Champagne there are four bottles of Prosecco sold, a truly colossal amount by any reckoning.