Sacré bleu! No love has been lost between François Hollande and his successor Emmanuel Macron.

In his recently published autobiography titled “Affronter”, Hollande – the former socialist president and heartless adulterer – castigates his protégé as a livy-livered head of state with no vision.

The book is full of unflattering descriptions related to his former economy minister. He paints a portrait of Macron as someone “who changes his mind according to the events, jumping from one conviction to another like a frog on water lilies”. 

He also accuses his foal of having “failed” and “torn the French as never before”, with the Gilets Jaunes movement as a case in point.

Hollande feels betrayed by Macron who cosied up to him during his rise to the Élysée –  and he’s out for revenge. There are even rumours Hollande could make a political comeback in the near-future.

This is not the first memoir that has made Macron lose his rag. In August, journalist Gael Tchakaloff published “Brigitte Macron: The Unfettered Woman” in which she revealed that Manu wrote a raunchy novel for his then-schoolteacher during his adolescence.