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Horrified tailors appalled by state of Boris and Frost suits

BY The Hound   /  11 December 2020

Britain’s tailors are getting their pins ready. They want to stick them into Boris Johnson and David Frost who looked so uncomfortable when caught in the spotlight in Brussels at this week’s dinner with Ursula Von der Leyen and Michel Barnier. Not because Johnson and Frost didn’t come away with a deal from the Last Supper but because of their ill-fitting and creased suits.

“They are not an advert for British tailoring,” says Bryan Manning, of Manning and Manning on Savile Row, the world’s leading location for good suits. He lamented the state of Johnson and Frost’s attire: “They do not fit very well, they are not properly pressed and they just do not look like a quality garment.”

Renzo Khan, boss of Stitch & Clean, in North London, has even offered to style the politicians. “I am happy to fix this for them as they are representing our country and I would volunteer my time to do it,” he told The Evening Standard. Khan also happens to be Sir Keir Starmer’s tailor.

The duo’s sartorial faux-pas did not go unnoticed in the Commons, either. “The absolute state of this”, sharp-suited Labour MP Wes Streeting tweeted attaching the picture.

A short walk from Downing Street, Savile Row tailors have all the means to provide our leaders with the polished look their position calls for. They could even take a leaf out of James Bond’s book and head for Eithan Sweet at Thom Sweeney, the brand which dresses Daniel Craig.

As Manning added:  “Britain is famous for its tailoring, it would be a good thing if our politicians reflected that”. Quite. 

Boris has a lot on his plate at the moment and fashion is understandably not a high priority. Truth be told, it never has been. But you do wonder. If Britain’s negotiating duo had a better tailored cut, maybe they would have cut a deal. 


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