Professor Sir David Haslam has chosen a title — Side Effects — that undersells his excellent new book. It would be tempting to write off the work, based on its title, as yet more bandwagon post-Covid hindsight, and pass along the bookshelf.

Don’t! Here be substance. Haslam credibly tackles a thoroughgoing analysis of what has gone wrong with Britain’s NHS, identifying cost challenges that could bring it down.

In later chapters, he ventures into the swampy ground of how the system might be fixed. It is a must-read for anyone involved in health care policy. With reform of our creaking NHS a priority Haslam’s authoritative contribution to the debate is welcome.

The GP knows a thing or two, based on front-line experience. Yes, I know that’s unfashionable when you can be Prime Minister of Finland these days if you have a degree in Karaoke, mean well and are stupid enough to have an accessible Twitter account.