When you visit your favourite restaurant (remember that, going out for dinner!) and you are handed the wine list, how long do you take to peruse the “bins”? Are you a “hunter”, determinedly looking for your favourite, or are you a “cogitator”, someone who enjoys the thrill of spending the time to find something new? Does the waiter standing over the table with a pen poised, rush you into a “safe bet” choice?

Backed by some research a large UK wholesaler did a number of years ago, it has been proven that the average customer will take approximately four to six seconds to look before they reach a decision on the glass or bottle. What a fascinating fact; the most cursory of glances will incur a decent percentage of your final bill.

In many reputable establishments the owner or maître d’ will have spent time on selection and balancing the wine list to the cuisine of their restaurant and the season they are in. The smart ones will have also used their relationship with the merchants who supply them to get the intel on what is happening in their competitors and the greater marketplace in general; they understand how vital it is to remain in touch with what the public are drinking and stay relevant.