How to deal with the SNP – just say no!

BY Philip Patrick   /  15 January 2020

If I were ever asked to suggest a “who would win in a fight between …” question I’d go for Nicola Sturgeon vs. Nancy Reagan (verbals only, of course). And I’m convinced the late, but while she was around – which was a long time – seemingly indefatigable former first lady of the USA would be more than a match for the current First Minister of Scotland.

And I’d love to witness it.

I’ve been thinking about Nancy Reagan a lot recently. She is closely associated with, and may even have come up with, what may have been the first of the now seemingly obligatory 3-word slogans employed by political parties or pressure groups. “Just say no” was her response to the problem of recreational drugs being pushed at children (though it could work as an effective anti-independence slogan in a future referendum).


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