“Well, that was some weird shit…”

Four years on and has there been any better summary of the Trump years than George W. Bush’s assessment of the now notorious “American carnage” speech from the 2016 inauguration? It has indeed been a weird ride and for those of us lost at sea for 1,674 days it might take some adjustment before we learn to walk on dry land again.

The Trump ship rocked some wild waters and we should be forgiven if we now return to shore with our bearings briefly lost. Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House correspondent famously banned (albeit briefly, once a court ruled) from Trump’s press conference, had already announced his intention to move on. He’ll anchor his own show on the network and work as their domestic correspondent. Others will no doubt follow him. Once you’ve sailed S.S. Trumpitania, it does feel like you’re done with the open sea.